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Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is a technique to find if and which beliefs are stored inside our subconscious. 

1. First of all drink water to stay hydrated. 

2. Stand up facing the North. close your eyes and repeat "Yes Yes Yes", and let your body move forward. Is your body moving forward? So, that's correct.

3. Now, close your eyes again and repeat "No No No", and let your body move backward. Is your body moving backward? So, that's correct.

4. Now muscle test some beliefs to confirm you're calibrated.

Please stay standing facing the North,

Close your eyes and say "I love myself", and let your body naturally move forward or backward.

If your body moves forward, it mean a Yes, you have got the belief I love myself stored in your subconscious, which is a good thing.

If your body moves backward, it means a No, for some reasons your subconscious doesn't store this belief that you love yourself. (In this case you might need to receive a Theta Healing session to find out the limiting root stored and reprogram with empowering ones).

Now you know how to do Muscle Testing, you are calibrated and ready to receive a Theta Healing®session.

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