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Spiritual Reasons Behind Hearing Impairment

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

From the perspective of #Metaphysics, there are spiritual reasons behind #deafness.

Working on Hearing Loss with Theta Healing® Technique

During my experience as a Theta Healing Practitioner I gave sessions to people with #hearing problems so many times. Deafness can occur for several reasons.

1. The #Fear of Hearing the Truth or simply the Fear of Hearing, coming from traumatic events in past lives such as verbal abuse, where someone constantly yell bad things at you. And as a result, you experience a kind of vortex of never ending suffering. Your body feels in danger, your eardrums & nerves got frozen and create a blockage, like a protective shield. Since then you may have decided you don't want to hear anymore to avoid experiencing that trauma again. In this life your #subconscious may store beliefs such as 'hearing is dangerous', 'I'm afraid of dying' 'my deafness is protecting me', 'God abandoned me', and many more.

2. Your hearing loss is a vow your soul may have done before incarnating this life. You chose the deafness as a punishment for committing something outrageous in one or more past lives. And now, in this life, you have to experience your hearing impairment to learn important virtues and teachings. You may have the belief 'I have to suffer to evolve spiritually'.

3. In one or more past lives you have been forced to interrupt the #communication with the #Divine and your spiritual guides. Another aspect here is the #genetic level, as some of your #ancestors may have denied the spirituality and the communication with the #divine. So this has been passed down to you.

During a session with a client, we agreed to dig into the issue, and when I scanned her body and ears using Theta Healing Technique I saw a visible big dark shield blocking the eardrums. As every part of our body has a memory, I spoke with the cells of that dark spot. They absorbed so much sadness, anger, suffering, shame, lack of confidence, humiliation, abuse, violence, in many events and in different past lives. So the affected person may require a long job to improve the spiritual advancement. Everyone's story and situation is different, so the level of improvement varies a lot, but even a minimum result could be a big step up.

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