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Spiritual Reasons behind Digestive disorders

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

I've suffered from a chronic constipation, colitis, gastritis and bloating since I remember.

I've been taught that I couldn't do anything for it but just getting used to it for the rest of my life; and that for many health problems there's no solution. But I didn't believe it.

My curiosity, stubbornness and my willingness to conquer my breakthrough led me to search for solutions since my childhood. And guess what? I achieved all my goals.

And even if it took me many years struggling in tears, at the end of the day I've overcome my issues.

When I started to work through this with spirituality I discovered that there is a way to connect to the Universal Source/Oneness/Divine Energy, and see exactly what is going on inside my body. I discovered that it's possible to dig into my issues and find the rooted patterns; that I can remove it and replace with empowering programs; that I can even reprogram, reset and rebuild the cells of my body.

When I started my journey I could see things that I'd never even dreamed about:

CHILDHOOD TRAUMAS - my digestive tract was still holding all the feelings of Rejection, Anger, Guilt, Regret, Resentment, Abuse, Sadness from old traumatic events occurred when I was a child and teenager.

GENETIC PATTERNS Since 21 generations back, inherited when I was a baby in the womb.

PAST LIFE PATTERNS Limiting beliefs, patterns and traumas from past lives.

INTRAEUTERINE LIFE and BREASTFEEDING - During our life inside the womb we absorb all the feelings from our parents environment. Besides, the development of our body is also conditioned by the quality of our feeding through the umbilical cord. During breastfeeding the quality of milk and the way we drink it can affect our life!

During my experience I've learned that:

1. "I have to accept my issues and live together with them for all my life" IS A LIE!!!

2. "For specific health problems there's no solution" IS A LIE!!!

3. "My issues define me" IS A LIE!!!

It's my choice to find a solution and step up into my evolution!

Overcoming my digestive issues was not such a joke but at the end I won.

This way I'd like to help others and teach them that they can heal themselves.

I created a lifetime access membership containing two courses:

1. Reprogram your Eyes

2. Reprogram your Digestive System, a series of monthly Laser Clearing Classes, where I'll guide you to a Theta meditative state, to reach the Oneness/ the energy of the co-creation and to connect to your digestive tract (from mouth to anus).

During the class I'll guide and support you through intense digging techniques to remove countless specific patterns, beliefs and energies from each part of the gastrointestinal tract.

By reprogramming your digestive system, you'll improve your life.

Every two weeks I host a class, each time focused on a different topic.


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