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The Spiritual Reasons behind Stuttering disorder

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

The Thousand Facets Diamond.

I suffered from a severe condition of stutter that had complicated my life, and that for many years had made even the easiest daily action very complex. During my recovery journey, which took me many years, I paid attention to the thousand issues related to this problem, the causes as well as the consequences. I had to work through each of them to overcome this problem once and for all, especially to be here today, to talk about it with consciousness and knowledge.

That's why I call this speech disorder The Thousand Facets Diamonds' , as every facet is a problem to solve, connected to each other.

I spent 25 years of my life stuttering and figuring out how to get out of it. I initially learned a technique, at the age of 19, that I successfully used for 10 years, after which I could say to have reached an acceptable fluency. Despite I had overcome my fear and those annoying inner thoughts that controlled words and warned me over each block, I still had random hitches here and there.

In that period of my life I started to find that technique no longer suitable to me. I felt a terrible lack of personality in my speech, and I soon had an Aha! moment. The technique helped me speaking out to the world, showing myself and defeating all my fears. Now the last piece of the puzzle was to learn how to speak with a personality, without sounding like a robot :). So I decided to remove the technique and work on myself to find my uniqueness, to put charisma and individuality in my communication. I desired my speech to be identified for its own individuality

I worked a lot to achieve my goal, and at the end of the day I reached my aim, day by day, step by step. But many life events showed me that the journey still had nights and dreams to go through. I still felt unseen, unheard, not appreciated, not up to the situations, rejected, not enough and always with a sense of bewilderment.

Then I discovered Theta Healing, an energetic modality that involves a wide range of digging techniques to work on the subconscious level to reach and remove the limiting beliefs, the limiting energy and the traumas stuck behind the issues.

With the arrival of Theta Healing®, the metaphysical aspect of stuttering opened a totally new world to me. I discovered that my disorder still lying deep within my soul, and my remaining hitches on a subconscious level were linked to my old traumas, emotions and feelings, generated during my childhood on different levels.

The practice of this modality allowed me to completely free myself and rediscover my identity.

Since 2013 Theta Healing has become my passion and my job, and I help other people with a stutter to unleash their voice.

I decided to help others to re-discover their own communicative uniqueness and take their voice up to the universe.

Working on my Stutter with Theta Healing® Technique

You will be soon able to read my entire story and to know how I've overcome my stutter disorder once and for all, and how, after that, I improved my life with Theta Healing® modality.

In this article I solely talk about the spiritual reasons hidden behind the Stutter disorder, trying to be as simple as possible.

From a perspective of metaphysics, the stutter disorder can occur for many reasons on different levels.

First of all, you need to know that everything that happen to us is decided by the limiting programs, energies and traumas stored in our subconscious mind, and they can be related to four different levels:

Core level: limiting programs and energy generated from our conception to now.

Soul level: limiting programs and energy (usually obligations) created from our soul before coming to this world;

Genetic level: limiting programs and energy passed down from our ancestors;

Historic level: limiting programs and energy imprinted from traumatic events in our past lives;

During our intrauterine life we absorb genetic programs from 7 generations back.

While you read this article, I invite you to perform Muscle Testing to find which limiting beliefs are stored in your subconscious.

1. Core level

The Fear of speaking the truth in the Core Level is crucial because is related to what happens during this life, from our conception, during our intrauterine life, until now.

At home, during childhood, when someone in your family mock your stutter reproducing the same sounds to deride you. Or when as soon as we stutter our parents start rolling their eyes or look impatiently at us through their grimaces and say with an upset voice "take a deep breath and repeat", "you're just annoying me, just stop speaking", and so many other nasty sentences that we get used to hear on a daily basis and that will target us forever.

So, since these moments we start perceiving negative feelings and emotions like sorrow, anger, rejection, neglect, loneliness, fear and more, on a regular basis those become limiting beliefs on a subconscious level such as "I am not enough", "I am nothing", "I am an error".

At school, when our class mates laugh over our stutter, then this behaviour evolves in bullying and we become the victim. Primary school is an essential aspect in the life of a stutterer, since we experience the first interactions and comparison with other peers. The first times we stutter during a reading or an oral exam in front of the class and we hear someone giggling behind, we may immediately feel humiliated, derided and we would like to disappear.

Our sense of survival warns us against this danger our mind want to escape from, at all costs. Therefore, the thing we instinctively do is escaping from the situations and stop speaking!

In my experience, every morning I was hit with a severe stomach ache and during the school day I felt in constant danger, anxiety and fear, a real fight or flight mode. Since primary school I started suffering from Colopathy, gastritis and constipation until my adulthood.

With Theta Healing then I discovered that my digestive tract stored depleting feelings such as anger, guilt, neglection, rejection and resentment from my stuttering traumas and it took me years to remove all of them.

On a subconscious level we generate and store limiting beliefs such as "I am inferior", "I'm destined to fail", "I am nothing" and more.

In social life, when we feel judged every time someone, in front of our stutter, looks at us with impatience, with utter disgust or even enjoyment. When we are cut off from projects cause of our stutter. When we experience blocks and difficulties on the phone and decide to stop using it forever.

At this point, we start being afraid of speaking, as we're afraid of being mocked again, for the umpteenth time which is never the latest but just another one in the middle of a long line of humiliation, bullying, verbal abuse, gas lighting etc. and as a consequence our self esteem vanishes like dust in the air.

So, the thing we instinctively do is escape from the situations and stop speaking!

On the phone

Telephone has been my first enemy and is the number one enemy for stutterers in general, some more, some less. When a call is received, it is answered promptly and the person on the other side of the phone is expected to speak immediately as well, to explain the purpose of that call. There's a curious thing that happened to me on the phone, which is in common with many people with a stutter.

During my early teen-age, I had triggered a strange mechanism made up with:

foggy thoughts;

the certainty of not knowing how to speak and not making it;

the fear of being judged;

the fear of speaking;

the fear of stuttering;

the perception of not having enough time to speak;

anxiety and shivering;

panic attack;

nerves stiffness;

physical blocks like blurry vision, stomach pain, nausea, discomfort around the neck, shoulders pain;

The result was a total physical blockade, and even the voice did not come out.

I've spent a long time in my life figuring out what triggered this process, even when I already had defeated the problem, and I found an answer with Theta Healing.

All the negative beliefs, feelings (the first is the fear following anger, sorrow, grief etc), emotions (non-expressed emotions, shame, humiliation etc) and traumas attack different parts of the body. mostly nerves, neck, head and stomach.

2. History level

The Fear of Speaking the Truth in the historic level is related to traumatic events happened in past lives.

Usually, people with a stutter, have been killed for speaking the truth, as a healer, as a nun, as a monk, as a soldier, for being considered a spy, a witch and many other circumstances.

In ancient times people would have been punished for speaking, especially healers and herbalists were considered witches and were usually hung or burnt at the stake.

People with a stutter are unconsciously afraid of their huge power, and may have limiting beliefs such as "I'll be killed/punished for speaking the truth.". And since we attract people and situations according to our limiting beliefs, we will experience situations where will feel attacked for speaking our truth.

Maybe on a conscious level we are convinced not to be afraid but on a subconscious level we are not and the events that happen to us prove we have this deep negative belief.

Years ago, at the beginning of my Theta Healing path, I realised that every time I spoke, although fluent, my neck was very stiff and my nerves very tense. And this caused me discomfort. During two different sessions, the practitioner found a past life where I've been hung for speaking the truth, and after two deep digging sessions they removed the energetic rope marks around my neck. Straight after I felt so much lighter, in particular all the area around my neck was so relieved and the stiffness was gone.

3. Soul level

The Fear of Speaking the Truth in the soul level is linked to different obligations that our soul contracted before incarnating to this life, in the form of a punishment for something we have made in past lives, in order to learn specific virtues.

In fact this speech disorder gives us a sense to our life. It's our first thought in the morning and the latter before going to sleep. How to solve our stutter becomes the main topic of our daily contemplation. Around 10/15/20 years of our life are spent stuttering and searching for the long-term solution. Besides, seeking our speech fluency means finding our identity, our uniqueness, our communication style, through our suffering we learn to respect and treat others as we want to be. But first of all we learn to love ourselves unconditionally. These virtues mentioned above are just some of those our soul wants to understand through our stuttering.

People with a severe level of stutter may have beliefs such as "I have to learn how to use my words wisely". "I have to stutter as a punishment", "my power is dangerous", and much more.

4. Genetic level

We absorb many limiting beliefs, oaths, vows, traumas and fears passed down from our ancestors.

According to the genetic level, stuttering may be the burden coming to us from our ancestors who were forbidden from free expression.

The Trauma and the Mechanism of the Stutter's Inner Voice

In my experience, my fear had increased and had become a panic attack that involved me emotionally and physically. What I used to call panic attack degenerated in something huge and unknown, every time I was about to speak, my body froze up and I could perceive some parts like mouth, neck, shoulders and stomach getting blocked.

My habit of keeping quiet combined with this body freezing accelerated the progress of my stutter and kept me in silence for a long time.

As a consequence, I created more fear, prejudice and taboo over specific letters of the alphabet and certain words. This is what happens to the majority of people with a stutter.

Our subconscious mind stores beliefs related to letters of alphabet and certain words:

"I hate my name", the word is my enemy",

"I hate the letter A", "The letter A is my trauma", "I hate the letter B", "I hate the letter C", and so on with the rest of the alphabet letters,

"speaking is difficult", "my stutter decides my destiny". and much more.

5. Lack of Self Love

Stuttering disorder makes people feel useless, insecure, shy, loose their self esteem. As a result our subconscious might store limiting beliefs such as:

"I hate myself", "I hate myself when I stutter", "I only love myself when I speak fluently", "my stutter is my downfall", "the universe abandoned me" and many more.

Storing limiting beliefs like I hate myself and the universe abandoned me make attract situations and events that remind you and strengthen the concept the you hate yourself. and you're alone.

The true is that we are in this world to learn what Unconditional Love is, to learn how to give and receive Unconditional Love to ourselves first despite everything. We should love ourselves always and without conditions.

With Theta Healing® modality, several techniques are used to dig into each problem and eradicate the roots in all the four level of beliefs, in order to replace with empowering ones to attract miracles into our lives.

I offer Theta Healing sessions specifically to help adults with stutter and communication disorders, who are already committed to their recovery journey using any speech technique, but still have inexplicable stutter and fear. I help them unleash their self-expression, re-discover their own authenticity and communicative uniqueness.

I created a free meditation with 101 empowering beliefs.

here the link:

Consuelo Cannas

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