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Break free from Chronic Digestive Issues is a series of ten audio files tracks where you will be guided  to connect to your digestive system through a theta meditative state followed by different routes to perform deep diggings and self healings around specific limiting patterns stuck in different part of your gut.


Every track is a different procedure route to connect to your digestive tract (from your mouth to your anus) along with a guided route to perform self digging and self healing through the guided energy clearing, to clean away all the limiting energies and patterns that hold your digestive apparatus from functioning properly.

It helps problems such as Constipation, Colitis, Gastric, Bloating, Reflux.


This album contains 10 file tracks to work on the following areas :

Fear, Resent, Rejection, Regret, Sadness, Abuse, Guilt, Ability to say No, Feeling not enough, Anger.

Here are some recommendations before starting: 
- drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to keep your energy high; 
- be sure your body doesn't have any alcohol or drug intake during the last 24 hours;
- this program is designed in order, for the best results follow the route and avoid step-skipping;
- for the best results take one meditation every day; 
- and repeat the program at least 4 more times, the more you release the better!

- if for any reason you can't complete a process or a task during a meditation, it means you might have some resistance. In this case don't worry. Just finish the entire meditation route map and repeat it.

Break Free from Chronic Digestive Issues - Guided Energy Clearing

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