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Reprogram your 
Digestive System
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Free your life from the limiting patterns stuck in your gut


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Take your voice up to the Universe

My name is Consuelo Cannas and I am a Master Communication Healer, and certified Theta Healing® Practitioner & Instructor. I practice Theta Healing® since 2013.

I've overcome a severe condition of stuttering disorder, social phobia, uterine fibroids, colitis, gastric, constipation, to become healthy, happy, and in control of my health. 

This way I'd like to help other people with the same issues to feel strong and flourish again.

Theta Healing® Technique gave me the right tools to overcome my past traumas that were affecting my present, to eradicate the fears that were compromising my life goals, to eventually express my essence, bringing my truth up to the Universe. 



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Welcome to Spiritual Hummingbird

I created Spiritual Hummingbird as a result of my long spiritual journey which began at the age of 14 when my mum purchased a copy of Bhagavad Gita from a Hare Krishna devotee. Driven by the attraction to everything that was Far Eastern, I read it and I immediately fell in love with that world and perceived a strong sense of belonging. Since that moment I began a long journey of inner research that took me here.

In 1998 with the study of Chinese Studies at University, when I became a follower of Buddhism and Taoism. One of my dreams was travelling around the globe especially China and Far Eastern Asia to get to know different cultures and languages. In 2006, after my graduation, I moved to Beijing.

Here I started a new life as a traveller, not just visiting but living in different places for long periods including Beijing, Singapore, Thailand, India and Hawaii.


While spending years around China, Singapore and Far Eastern Asia, pursuing my career as a Sinologist in the foreign trade industry, I decided to fulfil my interest and passion for alternative medicines. My wellness journey started here with the study of Ayurveda & Panchakarma, nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, India, Thailand, and eventually I got certified as a beautician in the UK.

I opened my own practice in 2010 as Ayurveda & PanchaKarma and TMC therapist, giving treatments, consultations and nutrition advice to wealthy, millionaires and celebrities in the UK, earning the nickname of Healing Hands.

I was satisfied because I had developed the intuitive ability to identify the areas of the body where the energies to heal were concentrated, helping over 2000 people in London.


In 2012 I received a Theta Healing session from a friend, and I immediately felt that Theta Healing® could give the right answers to all my questions. So here started for me another amazing life chapter.

Through this modality I learned how to quickly release and replace my limiting energy with empowering beliefs, my life's purposes, how to manifest my desires and express myself with clarity.

Another important element I came across is the wonderful synchronicity:

Attracting the right things I need at the right time.

I became Theta Healing® practitioner in 2013 and I added Theta Healing service to my practice. I started giving sessions to my clients only one week after the course, helping with different issues and disorders.

In 2014 I became Theta Healing® Basic DNA Instructor and I had the chance to turn beautiful souls into practitioners.



"I am 23 and have stuttered since I knew my self . Consuelo Cannas played a crucial role in enhancing my fluency. 

After 1 hour session with Consuelo Cannas I felt relieved of stress and my confidence and fluency are on the high side. I now speak up in meetings confidently. I am currently working on my public speaking skills trying to unlearn some repetitions and speaking behaviour learnt from years of stuttering.

Consuelo Cannas is really a scrumptious Theta Healer, she is friendly and is proficient in her approach. I recommend her services to everyone."

Ogbenna Favour, Nigeria

"I am very grateful to Consuelo. I booked five sessions with her to heal and release my limited beliefs related to my hearing impairments, because I was impressed by her talent when she helped me to release sadness which I felt in my whole life. 

Now I can speak better and better (stuttering/stammering has been released. Before I had so many impediments while talking, people couldn't understand me and I felt so embarrassed), I better understand people when we talk face to face without asking them to repeat. I can understand faster than before what people say and a lot! Thank you, Consuelo! You are talented and amazing healer."

Cristina Munteanu, Cyprus

Thank you Connie for creating such peace and clarity for me. I was amazed at how much lighter and happier I felt afterwards, Consuelo healed & removed the beliefs deep within my soul in the genetic, historic and core level in such a short period of time and it just been such an awakening for me. My issues had plagued me for a long time but now I feel different and more capable of dealing with them. Fore me this truly is a "miracle cure". You have such a beautiful gift from God. It was great meeting you.

Neeran Alomran, Riyadh

"I would like to say big thanks to Consuelo in regards of Theta Healing sessions I have received lately. Consuelo is amazing healer, very kind with open heart. During the sessions she was very focused and resolved my beliefs very quickly. All in atmosphere of safety and huge love Consuelo communication is very clear, precise and empowering. I highly recommend Consuelo as she is wonderful soul providing excellence work with heart and will guide you to deeper understanding of your personality with ease."

Andrea Anthony, Slovakia

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I just want to say thank you for the half an hour healing I feel more calm and not so much of a fallen angel as what we worked on, also I feel a lot more grounded from the vortex type energy I just want to move forward and thank you again for the first step ...

April Smith, Australia

Feeling Home wherever I go

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