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About Theta Healing®

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Theta Healing® Technique ls a wonderful meditation modality. Through a wide range of digging techniques it's possible to find the bottom beliefs and roots that hold us back from achieving our life goals. This way, we can to reprogram our subconscious mind by replacing our limiting beliefs with empowering ones to attract better situations and create the reality we desire.

Theta Healing® gives us the right tools to overcome the fears that compromise and sabotage our life purposes; to eradicate the shock & Traumas that  affect our present; to manifest the life we desire and all the abundance the Universe can offer to us.

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Why we don't get what we desire


The truth is that we attract everything that happens to us, through the programs stored in our subconscious mind.

Normally, 5% to 10%  of what happens to us in a day is decided by our conscious part. With this 5% we decide what to eat, what to wear, where to go etc. The rest 90-95% is decided by our subconscious side, and we are not aware of what is there. But we can understand it by looking at what we get and compare it with what we would have wanted.

Does what we want really match what we get? When we make a plan but then something unexpected happens, when we decide to take specific actions to reach a specific goal but then the occurring events ruin our plans, that is decided by our subconscious limiting beliefs.



Maybe we desire to meet nice friends, but we always find dishonest people. Maybe we want a romantic boy/girlfriend but we always get into toxic relationships, and we don't understand why. We are smart with excellent skills but every time we go for an interview, something goes wrong, and so on.

In reality, things don't go as we desire, because our subconscious mind stores limiting programs that are holding us back from achieving our life purposes, compromising our happiness.

The programs stored in our subconscious mind can be related to four different levels: 

Soul level: limiting programs created from our soul before coming to this world; 

Genetic level: limiting programs passed down from our ancestors; 

Historic level: limiting programs imprinted from a traumatic event in our past lives;

Core level:  limiting programs generated from conception to now.

During our intrauterine life we absorb genetic programs from 7 generations back.

When the roots are being identified, it's the right moment to check which limiting belies systems are stored in our subconscious. So we perform the kinesiologic Muscles Test: Kinesiology is a well-established science, based on testing an all-or-none muscle response to stimuli.

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The peak is never too high. Every goal is achievable.

How a Theta Healing® session works

I first give my clients a short consultation to understand issues to work on and goals to achieve.

I invite my clients to be sitting comfortably, drink some water to stay hydrated and relax. This allows to go to Theta state and facilitates the work on their subconscious mind.

During the session a Muscle Testing is used to show the beliefs stored and different techniques are performed to dig out the bottom issues which could be beliefs, traumas or feelings on different levels, in order to replace them with empowering, positive and evolving beliefs.

Here some examples:

I hate myself will be replaced with I love myself.

I am poor will be replaced with I am rich

I'm ugly will be replaced with I'm beautiful

I hate speaking will be replaced with I love speaking

I am defective will be replaced with I am peculiar

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