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Metaphysical Aspects behind Eyes Issues

Updated: Jul 26, 2021


What do you hate or what you don't like to see in your life?

Seeing the truth or fear of seeing the truth seems to be such a simple sentence, but if you start journaling about this topic and, every day you make a list of all those things you afraid or you hate to see in your life, according to the current situations you're in, I promise it's gonna be a long list!

This would be a good point to start from.

And if after that the question would change a little bit and become: When have you ever been forced or manipulated to see things in a way that didn't represent you and the way you are?

This is another key question we would think about very superficially. But we don't have to think!, if we tune in a meditative state reaching the oneness, and start searching for these answers from within, then we'll start FEELING old stuff that is not supposed to be still here sabotaging our life.

Exploring the metaphysical aspects of eyes is like opening the door to a new world because our eyes store thousands of memories, and old energies, not just from our life since conception, but even from our ancestors' consciousness and our past lives.

There's another important key question I'd like to share with you: How did your parents cope and deal with your emotions? It seems absolutely a harmless and genuine question if we think consciously, but if we explore the subconscious side of it, then we will start seeing, feeling, remembering all the times when we experienced lack of support, when we felt alone and lonely, or the rare/many times when we felt poor, insecure, without validations to even dare to be ourselves without feeling shameful! Loosing the sight of our identity, loosing the sight of our essence. And when we loose the sight of all this, is when we start loosing discernment between ourselves and others, between ourselves' identity and our family members' identity, between ourselves consciousness and the society's consciousness around us, and so on.

And how about all the emotions and feelings linked to this stuff? they're are stuck/stored inside our eyes!

With my experience as a Master Theta Healer, healing my Myopia and Astigmatism in a first place, helping my clients and my mother's Retinopathy and Maculopathy, I discovered a multitude of traumas and likewise many roots holding eye diseases.

Last but not least I've come to know that on a metaphysical point of view, Retina, Macula and Optic Nerve are the three biggest vehicles for our eyes' healing.


This is why I'm running Reprogram your Eyes, a series of group Laser Clearing Classes where I guide people through different digging techniques for countless limiting patterns, beliefs and energies, to remove the unwanted energies and old lies stored inside our vision consciousness and to reprogram every single cell of your eyes with empowering truth.

This course is part of a monthly membership where you'll have lifetime access to all the old and upcoming classes throughout the year.

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